Out of the Mouths...

This morning, as we went to school, Beatrix and I were talking about how nice Daddy was. She then ruminated that "I'm not always very nice to daddy," and when I asked her how replied "I kick him, I tell him the sun [her morning nightlight] is on when it's not..."

We then discussed all the people she was nice to, Daddy and Mommy and Clara and Grandma Tisch ... "And Grandma Mary Lou. Remember when we thought that Grandma Mary Lou was dead but she's not? That was funny." So then we had the whole dead discussion again — happy Monday before Christmas...

When I picked her up tonight, she was having trouble finding her various mittens. We found one, in a bag that suspiciously held one of her teacher gifts she was giving out today — travel mugs filled with chocolate candies. Only this one had a mug — and a lot of candy wrappers. When pressed on this, Beatrix concocted an elaborate story about how Teacher Kelli didn't like chocolate or peanut butter and didn't want the gift. We then had a lesson-filled evening of refilling the mug from Beatrix's candy stash and declining a trip to Santa after Beatrix blithely mentioned that she just wouldn't tell Santa about he incident (cue rendition of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," after which Beatrix reasoned we did not live in a town, so we were ok.

I hope Santa isn't watching.....

(this was, somewhat, all made up for as described in a text from Clara today — several androgynous punk youth crossed the street in front of their car and Beatrix remarked "I just saw the Beatles!")


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