New Year's Resolutions for 2011

Huh, looking back I realize I really LIKE my resolutions from last year...

1. House: 3 big projects
- finish cleaning and organizing basement - well, we're maybe halfway there...
- finish bedroom - finished and wonderful!
- repaint the exterior and re-do the front porch - done, and we love it!

2. Friends
- Have one friend/couple that we don't ordinarily see over for dinner a month - hands down my/our most successful 2011 resolution. Lots of fun and great to reconnect with people (and connect them with others).

3. Health
- Start exercising more and eating more healthily — MIL's stroke was a big wake-up call for this. - mixed, I do now attend pilates 1x a week and work out on the exercise bike, but not enough

4. Technology
- Some year-end notice for my strange little blog made me realize I need to be more intentional about it. - mixed, there's more to do but I feel pretty good about it.
- Tech in general — I'm tired of Patrick, the techie, having control of All Things Technical in our house. I need to better understand this, and set up my own systems. mixed - made some strides, but more to go.

5. Work
- I've got a lot of clients right now, but I need to take things to the next level with pay and happiness. - VERY successful! Yay!

6. De-access
- Sell off some of the things we are no longer using (anyone want to by a nice, low-miles Audi sedan? I'll drive it to you...). mixed, definitely more to do
- Get rid of some of the smaller stuff — clothes, housewares, etc. I know I will never do enough of this to make my husband happy (after all, he's the "Minimal Mac" guy and would be happier if we lived in 300 square feet with just an Eames chair), but it's creating a happy medium) - much better about this!

All in all, I feel pretty successful. Plus I did indeed ditch the double-space after a period habit!


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