Climbing Everest

When I get together with my closest friends, we usually eat at J's house — because it's convenient and extremely comfortable — and we often either grill or order out (see earlier not about convenience and comfort). Last week was a mix of the two, with grilling for the kids and Everest on Grand for the adults.

Convenience is not always a factor in ordering from Everest on Grand, and in the past we have faced some challenges in actually ordering and picking up the food. This time, we were also disappointed because they had dropped the memorable "" web address and gone for the far more prosaic "" So much for distinction.

J and E really love their jackfruit curry, though we all confessed to not even knowing what one looks like. I admit to liking it fine, but I am not overwhelmed with it. On the other hand, the kauli that I picked (potatoes, cauliflower, and peas) was also kind of meh, perhaps a little overly spiced. However, the palak paneer, which I often am not wild about, was amazing here — silky, light, and very well-flavored. And the "hot momo" — delicious, as always! I've never tried the yak ones, but the meat-eaters in our party gobbled them up, and I have more than my share of the veggie variety.

I'm still not overwhelmed by Everest on Grand, and I think it's a little pricey for what it is (which reminds me, E, I still owe you for our portion!). But it did rise a notch in my estimation in the last experience, and the company was wonderful, so I'm sure I'll be back in the take-out line soon!


f.f. said…
Not as convenient to you, but Himalayan Restaurant, on Franklin, is great. I prefer it to Everest on Grand, actually.

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