Learning to Love (More)

When Beatrix was born, I understood the falling in love instantly part. But I have to admit, while she is rounding the corner to four, that I fall in love with her a little more every day.

My little baby has turned into a sweet, somewhat bossy, very fun girl who is every bit her own person. Every morning she wakes up and comes down the hall to our bedroom, where she announces "The sun's up!" and climbs into bed to cuddle with us. She makes us play with princesses and the large houseplant and circus tents. She scarfs down moose pasta. She tells stories that go "Once upon a time there was a cat. The End." She uses big words, well. She enjoys school, and people, and parties, and movies. She's an animal's best friend. And she loves to snuggle.

Each day, I learn to love a little more.


Are you blacking out tomorrow to protest SOPA? My voice is pretty small and won't likely be missed, but I'm thinking of stepping aside. Thus a semi-unformed post now, before I forget it by Thursday.


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