Don't Let the Door Hit You In The Butt On Your Way Out...

I loathe January. Not only are the Christmas holidays over and the weather cold, wet, and crappy, but it is somehow the month of Many Deadlines — from grant submissions to year-end tax forms. And let's not even discuss New Year's Resolutions...

This year was especially bad. I got W2s and payroll tax forms out early in the month, but I have a lot of 1099s to do for my clients, and somehow, there is always missing information. And that information is tricky to get, which makes sense of course, because if it was easy to get I would already have it. I pried my final EIN out of a vendor at 4pm today, postmark deadline day.

In between I ended up riding herd on a lot of grant deadlines, leadership at pretty much every client had some kind of health or family issue (ranging from mild to near-catastrophic) that held things up, and I have a press/ticket sales deadline that is technically tomorrow.

I have a 30-day all-you-can-use yoga pass that I am determined to use, and I need to start exercising more again.

And I won't even get into the major construction issues with the Ashland house right now...


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