It came up in a quick status blip in my MN Food Bloggers Group last night:

Kind and lovely Todd Tweedy, he of Todd's Salsa and a member of our group, left a terrible and sad message on his Facebook page earlier today. The police are searching for him but there is no news currently. FYI as the hope is that spreading the word is potentially helpful. #findtodd on Twitter.

Following close on the premature death of my friend Christine last week, seeing this really shook me. I've only met Todd once, when he dropped off some of his amazing salsa for me to sample — though earlier last night, I had just mentioned I needed to trek over to the Wedge to get some. I've interacted with him a few times through the group, and always found him a genuinely nice guy. The news hit me hard.

I reacted the only way I could think of — joining in the early #findtodd tweets to raise awareness, posting it on a local message board, retweeting, and then the old-fashioned way, by looking for his red Passat (545 BLM license) myself. Soon after, everyone I knew was tweeting and reacting, with tech reporter/friend Julio Ojeda-Zapata picking it up last night and old friend Jen Kane featured on KARE 11 tonight. There's a lot of buzz right now about reaching out to those with depression, and a lot of good awareness building. I am truly amazed at the way that the social media stream has picked this up and run with it.

Yet at the same time, it's been over 24 hours with no word. There are a lot of concerned and active people out there — and I am still deeply afraid that it is not enough.

UPDATE: Within an hour after I posted this, news came that he had been found. Incredibly relieving, but just the beginning of the journey for Todd. Let's hope he can teach us all to reach out a little more.


Jenedee Miller said…
This is really sad. I really hope that he is found and well.

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