Black the Museum

Though "doorbuster" prices are appealing, it's generally stuff we don't need or want (well, we could use a new fridge, but...). And the idea of shopping in crowds, and waiting in the cold in long lines (especially starting last night) — well, basically, forget it!

So we decided to do a different Black Friday activity — we went to the museum! Rather than hang around watching cartoons and drinking coffee all morning, as we often do on a day off (don't judge!), we got up and got going right away a little before 7:00. Beatrix was intrigued: "Are we going to the Bakken Museum to see the electricity? The History Museum to see the mine and the Indians and the house?"

No, we were heading to the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, which had their own Black Friday special. We arrived, got free tickets to the "Audacious Eye" Japanese collection exhibition, and headed on in.

We stoppen in the lobby to grab some free Dogwood coffee (mmmmm!) and Rustica cookies (good, but my new dream is to sneak in and futz with their timers so they stop overbaking things!), and so Patrick could check out the Northern Grade pop-up. We then went through the exhibition, which was pretty fascinating. Beatrix was especially perceptive about it, picking up on some of the warrior features of the especially fierce statues, learning about the Buddha, picking up on some of the Chinese influences on some of the scrolls, and especially admiring a modern bamboo mobile.

We then enjoyed the shop, where she picked out a postcard of the jade mountain (my personal favorite piece), and stopped to look at the picture of Cinderella's carriage at CTC on the way out.

Altogether, a much better way to spend Black Friday than any other alternative! We may not have spey/saved a lot of money, but we had some great family time together in a beautiful place.


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