Highlights of the Week

It occurs to me that sometimes I write too much about my struggles. So, even though I am STILL sick and overwhelmed, I thought I would record some of the wonderful parts of the week:

-  The pink-purple roses Beatrix and Patrick got me yesterday (and they got an advent calendar — yeah!)

-  An inspiring, exciting breakfast with Jun-Li on Monday that blew me away reminding me how insightful she is about community art, and how she lives those values.

-  An extremely successful Incredibly Fun Party for IFP Minnesota last night, where I got to spend time with wonderful people all night long.

-  Going to Poppy with Krista and Beatrix tonight, where Beatrix dressed as a princess, we ran into the Schlossahab crew, and Jennifer gave me the remainder of her gift card so I could get a most excellent dress. Plus, free earrings!

-  Getting to connect with Chuck over lunch today, after far far too long.

-  A wonderful night out with Leah, which reminded me why she is such a strong and beautiful woman who is so dear to me.

-  Time with my fantastic husband, including My Week with Marilyn tonight, which is a beautiful love letter of a movie.

Truth be told, I live a pretty charmed life. But in a week that started out down, these moments in particular reminded me how much I have even more.


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