Two Date Nights

This weekend, and amazing thing happened. Due to a congruence of events, Patrick and I were able to have two date nights in a row, something that I don't think had happened since before I got pregnant (and rarely, since we had the boys, even then). The best part was that we were able to attend some wonderful things, bearing witness to the incredible amount of creativity present in the Twin Cities!

Friday night, Beatrix went to Cinderella at Children's Theatre Company with my aunt and uncle, and my cousins children. They loved it and thought it was very magical (I'm trying to get Beatrix to do a guest blogger review). Meanwhile, we had a lovely dinner at Zelo, drinks at the Monte Carlo, and then went to see For Sale by The Moving Company. You know that I have a deep, enduring love for MoCo's work, and that everything I have seen there has been wonderful. But this piece was so truly hilarious that my teeth actually hurt from laughing. For all the years I worked at Jeune Lune, everyone always told me they wished the company would bring back Yang Zen Froggs (which they actually did eventually bring back). If you want something evocative of that kind of humor, but in a slightly different vein, you have one more weekend to see For Sale. Don't miss it.

(We had dessert at Cafe Lurcat afterwards. Enough said on that.)

Last night, we went to the Minnesota premiere of a film co-directed and produced by our friend Jeremy Wilker and Matt Stenerson, Death to Prom, which was part of the wonderful Sound Unseen film festival. It's a locally produced, indie comedy — as Jeremy said in his remarks, "The Hobbit spent more money in their coffee budget than we did on this whole film. By many times."

That said, it's a wonderful flick. It's sweet and engaging and full of first-time energy. For a lot of the performers, it's their first film, and that does show a little. But the direction is loving, the cinematography beautiful, and there are so many enjoyable, engaging parts (spoiler alert:  the day-long shoot was my favorite.) Sadly, there are no confirmed additional showings of the film until it's released for home viewing in February — but I'll let you know if that changes, because it's a must-see.

I am a bit embarrassed to admit I had never before been to a film festival. But this was a pretty great way to start. And so wonderful to see so many people there that I see far too little of!

The weekend left me thinking again about the wonderful range of creativity that is here in the Twin Cities. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by incredible artists — performers, directors, filmmakers, visual artists. I am so happy to be bringing up my daughter in a place where she can be part of that. I'm so lucky to have my career be supporting these people.


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