Domesticated Weekend

I need to remember that, when I am feeling my most overwhelmed with work, the best thing for me to do is take a big step back and turn my mind to my home for the weekend. Inevitably, I feel much more grounded, productive, and ready to tackle work issues after 24-48 hours of domestic distraction.

(Plus, I wrote down all the projects that simply need to be done in the near future at the Ashland house the other day — and there were 26 of them. Yikes!)

This weekend was perfect for a domestic re-grounding, though. Yesterday, in between tea parties and other fun with Beatrix and her friend Flora, I roasted a pumpkin, made kettle corn pumpkin seeds, and baked bran muffins.

Today, Patrick and I tackled the pantry, which we do every few years when the total chaos of it gets to us. I never remember to take "before" pictures, but here's an "after":

Now, after Beatrix and I ran a bunch of errands, she and Patrick are at the park while I have just raked the back yard and have soup bubbling away on the stove.

I also got to toss in some other fun things that were quasi-home related — my friend's birthday party at her under-construction home, a couple of episodes of Rehab Addict, shopping at an adorable store called Piccadilly Prairie with Patrick while Beatrix was at Norwegian class...

See? Domestic perfection.

(now, back to work...)


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