Colorful Wonderland

I'm on a real streak of adult coloring books that relate to real life experience lately. I've just been working on a Cats of Paris one and a Paris fashion one, setting the tone for our upcoming trip. Wonderland is in honor of Circus Juventas performing Wonderland this summer, and I was excited to see what Amily Shen would do with the book. I was not disappointed!

I really loved this book. Physically, it is durable, the pages are high-quality, and it's easy to use everything from colored pencils to specialty pens on.

But the real delight is the story it tells. The drawings are whimsical and charming, and a real delight to work with. There's even some engaging text.

I've struggle hard to find an adult coloring book that really engages me and does not just seem like busywork. Some have come close, but I have to admit to more than a few half-colored pages. That won't be the case here; I am looking forward to every page of the book!

More info here, or ask for it at your favorite (independent) book or art store!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

ETA: I just got a download link for a free coloring page!


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