How Does Your Garden Grow?

(Among other policies I disagree with), SPPS has a policy that any gardens have to be cared for by volunteers. If any staff time is spent on them, they will raze them and grow grass up to the building. Never mind that the field at Beatrix's school has had most of the grass dead for a couple of years, so that the guy that mows it basically gets a couple of hours of PTO every time he attends to it...

Randolph Heights has a lovely front garden, which is, thus, all volunteer kept. For the past couple of years Beatrix's Daisy troop has done their "Journey" on garden care day, but Brownies have a different schedule so they were not attending this year. So Beatrix went on our own and joined a few hardy parent and student volunteers, and the school's librarian and lead garden person Ms. Hubbard, in working on it.

We weeded out the beds, transplanted, put in almost 50 new plants provided by the PTA, and mulched. It was a long, hot day, with too few people to do the work — but those who were there were rockstars. It's especially great to see the kids working to make their school look good. With the new paint job, we're getting ready for the centennial next year!

Doesn't it look better?

(With all that, did not get a thing done on my own gardens — either here or at Summit. Hot mess. Hopefully tomorrow. Anyone need sunchokes?)


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