Milestone Birthdays

I have two friends who had milestone birthdays recently, and man, did they do them right!

This is my (mostly online) friend Serina, who just turned 40. She decided she wanted to kick off her birthday week for the cake smash to end all cake smashes:

That photo has totally gone viral and it's so awesome!

What I love about this is it's so Serina. Hanging out with a few friends, a little irreverent, a kind of wicked sense of humor, and a lot of fun. Exactly how you should celebrate your birthday!

(She actually had a whole birthday week, with 40 presents and a great night out on the town)

Based on that, I think I did 40 wrong. But maybe there's hope for 50.

Last night, the incredible Lisa Channer celebrated "50 times around the sun" (so Montessori!). She also had cake, and cheap wine. But she celebrated by filling the Southern Theater with scores of friends and collaborators, artists and technicians and writers, and just plain people from all over her life. People were invited to pick a year and create a one-minute piece inspired by that year — with dance, a reading, videos, performance art, whatever inspired them (and, since it was commissioned work, they all got $1 at the end!). The passage of time, from infant to teen to young adult to now, as all the more poignant when represented by someone else.

It was truly fantastic (even if each piece lasted well longer than a minute). Patrick and I were still discussing almost every piece, in detail, today. Lisa kept saying "This is the best idea I've ever had!" While I doubt that, because Lisa has a lot of good ideas, it was  pretty amazing night.

I turn 49 this August. I have a little time to plan.


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