Hoop Dreams

And, in more circus-related news:

Yesterday, I took a class on hula hoops from Hooperina. It was held at Mischief, a local toy store, and I have to say I am very impressed with their new location and community outreach. You should go!

The first hour plus was spent on making the hoop. Why so long? How hard could it be? Hooperina had already made the hoop, which she makes from irrigation tubing. All we had to do was wrap it in tape, right?


I spent the better part of an hour trying to get the duct tape warped right. Not too much overlap, because it will be bulky and heavy and catch. Wrapping duct tape is hard! The adding the electrical tape along the outside....Hooperina made the demo hoop in about 10 minutes. Mine took 6 times as long and looks...rough...

But I love it. I love the style, I love that I made it, I love the way it feels.

Then we spent about 45 minutes learning to hoop. Again, much much harder than it looks. My lovely tape job got all hacked up from hitting the ground. And I still am  TERRIBLE hula hooper.

But I had a breakthrough in knowing what I want to do, and I learned some other tricks like step throughs. I imagine I am only slightly worse than the preschoolers she teaches. And I am much better at, and have fun with, isolation tricks.

I'm excited to keep practicing all summer!


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