All The World's a Stage

Somehow, despite my love of Shakespeare, I had not yet read any of the Hogarth Shakespeare project books. However, it's safe to say that there is no author whose work I love more comprehensively than Margaret Atwood. It gives me great pain to know that I will never be able to read her Future Library book, because I know there will always be one things she has written out there that I will not get a chance to consume.

So the newly-released Hag-Seed delighted me to no end. It's the story of The Tempest, as performed in a correctional facility, in an educational program directed by somewhat of a has-been director. And it's such an embarrassment of riches:
-  not just a Shakespeare story, but perhaps my favorite
-  plenty of theatre in-jokes
-  a little bit of Canadian political humor (from the pre-JT days)
-  a prison bent, a la the ever-amazing Ten Thousand Things theatre company
-  as mentioned before, fantastic writing by Atwood; she is perhaps at her best under this kind of constraint

I loved this book, and am now anxious to pick up the rest of the project books!

(as usual, book provided free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an unbiased review)


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