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Tonight after school Beatrix had Rec Check, piano, then Brownies. That meant that she ate mac and cheese in the car between events, but that Patrick and I could go out for dinner while she was earning a plein air painting badge, so we purposely chose a place she would not want to go.

I had heard about Ghebres Ethiopian restaurant on a neighborhood Facebook page, so we wanted to check it out. It's on Snelling right across from Fasika, which I have also never been to. When we got there the place was almost empty, so we were seated quickly and courteously.

The menu is small, but has the essentials, Patrick chose a curry cabbage, and I got a curry potato and carrot. They were served together on a round of injera, with a small side of lentils and of spicy greens.

The cabbage was amazing, as were the lentils. The greens were a little spicy for me, but a nice contrast. The potatoes were not the smaller pieces I am used to, but more of a wedge, and perhaps as a result, undercooked. However, they cheerfully brought a new order, though by that time we had to plunk them in a to-go box so we could go get the kid, so I have not really tried it yet. Right now as I type, I'm still cocooned in the warm injera feel.

As Ethiopian restaurants go, I still miss the one I used to go to with my mom in Cedar-Riverside, where we always got the hut. Ghebres is good and worth a try, especially since it's new and the people are so friendly. I'd be interested in trying a taste-off between there, Fasika, and Flamingo, but not sure that that would not put me into an injera-coma...


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