Belly Up!

After a class in hardwood floor finishing tonight (oh, the glamour!), I got to head off to the launch party for Belly Up!

What is Belly Up, you may ask? It's an awesome new cocktail and craft beer membership program that allows you either 25 craft cocktails, 25 beers — or both! — at a variety of local bars and restaurants. You know, the kind of places you already either go to or want to go to, like Nighthawks, Tongue in Cheek, Borough, OxCart, or Heyday (where the event was tonight). They also have  variety of social events. Price point starts at $25 and goes no higher than $85 for the year (25 beers, 25 cocktails, 4 pint glasses and 4 cocktail glasses). If you buy the "full" membership you even get a set of charmingly designed beer and/or highball glasses created by local artists, though let's be real, if I have access to a whole bunch of great craft cocktails, I'm far less likely to be drinking in front of Netflix at home.

Because I was at said class, I was not able to attend the earlier part of the night, which I heard was well attended by some of my favorite food and beverage bloggers and other folks. But maybe, because I'm banging this out quickly with a handful of peanut M&Ms, just maybe I scooped some of them!

Because attending at the end of the night was far more fun. I had not been to Heyday in forever, and if the cocktail they are featuring for Belly Up members is as good as the one I had tonight, it's worth the membership right now. I got to meet and talk to some fascinating people, both attending the event and just people who stumbled across it while dining there. I got to chat with my awesome friend Dania, and to actually spend time with her husband, Noah, one of the co-founders. It was one of the friendliest, most successful events of its kind I had been to in a long time.

I had kind of soured on memberships like this; we're no longer Artshare members, my Crafttapped lapsed, and we don't even watch that much on Netflix anymore It always felt like one more thing I "had" to do, and as much as I like collecting experiences, these kind of memberships have always put pressure on me to attend places just because of the deal, rather than because I wanted to. Tonight, though, my mind was changed, and it was not just because of the congeniality of the hosts. Belly Up has a really friendly, laid-back sense that I think is going to enhance my life, rather than being one more thing on the to-do list. I think I'm sold.

Wanna go get a drink soon?

ETA: No, I did not get a membership for doing this post! I was just impressed by it. Promise. I'm not that easily swayed!


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