Doing the Can Can

It's Beatrix's 9th (golden) birthday, and to celebrate, she wanted to go to Can Can Wonderland.

I was down with that. I've been interested in it since it opened. It ticked all my boxes — entrepreneurial owners, art-based experience (golf holes created by artists), adaptive use of an old canning factory, and to top it off, great drinks by the Bittercube guys. What's not to like?

So you'll have to forgive me while I rave, because it was even better than expected.

The staff was super-friendly. We checked in and started playing golf right away, and had a blast trying out the different holes. I think my favorite might have been "Catch a Wave," or maybe "Grandma's Basement." It was super-fun to just all goof around together, and each hole was really creative (also HARD!)

We then got Beatrix some ice cream at the "Wee Bar," where I considered an adult milkshake, but then decided to head over to the other bar area which had a wider range of cocktails and food. When our friend Dustin from Bittercube saw we were there he brought over a cocktail with a Hawaiian name but a NOLA attitude, and if we were not hooked already, we were at the first sip of that!

We then headed over to the "Boardwalk," where we played lots of vintage arcade and pinball games. Seeing Beatrix's "pinball wizard" moves on an old machine was pretty awesome.

Plus we randomly ran into our friend Chank and our friends Jake and Laura and their beautiful girls. Even if we hadn't, though, the staff was so friendly we felt right at home.

I went in with some pretty high expectations, but I have to say the place exceeded them. If I could go back every day, I would (and I think Beatrix agrees, she was begging to play another round of golf before we left). The world needs more Can Can Wonderland.


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