Our Intentional Community

After a glass of wine tonight, I was reflecting on how our ideals have become a household:

-  Patrick and myself, who met later in life, whose ideas are often counter-instinctual (i.e. minimalism vs. semi-hoarder), but whose values are almost identical and who love each other fiercely;
-  Our daughter, a crazy mix of both of us and her own ideals;
-  Our wonderful housemate, who has been gone on vacation for not even 48 hours and who I already miss greatly;
-  4 fish (enough said);
-  Crazy rescue dogs Coya (heroically rescued by our friend Wendy from a cruel backyard breeder) and neurotic Winston (equally heroically rescued by our friend Sandy after being dumped)
-  Cats Mimi (found at the doorstep), Belle (who we took in for a friend) and Dandelion (who we found on CraigsList), and now new foster kitty Tiger Lily, already settling in.

Add tho those:
-  Our amazing network of friends and family, who we love to pieces and see too little;
-  Our client base, many of whom have become friends;
-  Our collection of historic homes.

Someone asked recently if I was where I had wanted to be in life. I don't know if I am, but I know I would not want to be anywhere else but where I am.


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