Donut Challenge

While the rest of the world is eating mini-donuts at the State Fair (ok, we did that too), I decided to do my own donut taste test challenge, by comparing some local donut shops. This actually all came about when Beatrix came to a client with me one day, so we decided to hit Bogart's on the way. We both decided that my glazed donut was the best choice, but did not take a picture, sadly enough.

Next we tried Mojo Monkey, which I was rooting for because it was one of the original "craft donut" shops, and it's in Saint Paul so it's convenient. Usually it's crowded like crazy, but we slid in easily on a Saturday morning and used our Chinook Book coupon to get 3 free donuts. I have to say, though, my simple glazed did not hold up to Bogart's. It had a weird lemon taste to it — not bad, but weird, and was not as puffy and light as Bogart's.

My final point of comparison was the glazed donut from Glam Doll (the new NE Minneapolis location, because I was literally driving by and decided to stop, you can tell how scientific this test was). Here, the ambiance easily topped either of its competitors — and you can even get drinks! The glazed donut was a strong second choice, a little richer than Mojo Monkey, but not as fluffy as Bogart's.

So I guess my rating is that, though I certainly would not turn down a donut from Mojo Monkey, next time I want to hang out and work somewhere for awhile and have a donut it's going to be Glam Doll. And If you really want to know the way to my heart, bring me a bag from Bogart's.


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