The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook

Anyone can tell you we love our Instant Pot. Even Patrick, who tends to not rave in these things, wrote a piece about it once here. So I had super-high hopes for this cookbook and some new recipes.

If you have a brand new Instant Pot, it might be a good choice for you — some of the recipes are super simple, like hard-boiled eggs or rice (in fact, pretty much the same recipes that come with the Instant Pot) It also goes into a fair amount of detail on technique, such as quick-please versus natural pressure release.

If, like us, however, you have conquered the basics and are looking for some new ideas, there's not a lot here. I got a few new ideas, but nothing that I felt like I needed to make right away. Most are riffs on things we are currently making, so I may try them to have a new approach.

Eventual verdict — it's a fine book, especially for beginners, but not life-changing.

(as usual, this book received free of charge from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review opinion.)


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