Weed Whackers

I love gardening. I love being outside but getting something done, I love how it makes my home look, I love nurturing plants. I love trading plants with others, dividing my plants, cutting flowers and bringing them inside.

But this summer, I gave up on it early on, consciously resisting putting anything yard-related on my to-do list. With 2+ places to keep up with (though the tenant at Winter Street generally does great with it), and with 2+ weeks in DC for circus in July plus 4 weeks of Patrick rigging here, it was just going to be too much. Something had to give, and so it was the yards.

And it's been fine. People have enjoyed being here for pool parties and the like, and though it has not looked gorgeous, everyone has been too busy to complain.

Yesterday, though, awe went at Summit with a fury. We weeded out all the beds, including the parking area. We took out some dead bushes. We mulched the front bed by the brick wall. And (confession time), I even mowed the lawn for the first time ever.

It's fall, and that's the perfect time for some perennial plantings and plant exchanges, as well as bulb planting, so maybe not all is lost. We still have to dramatically redesign the bed under the magnolias that the neighbors trashed last year. Anyone want to exchange some plants?

(yes, this really is how many weeds we took out...)


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