It's the Little Things

Ok, so for all the bigger projects we do around the houses, it may be the small ones that I am (perhaps disproportionally) most excited about right now!

At Summit, most of the outlets have been converted to 3-prong, but as anyone who has ever tried to plug a crockpot in our dining room knows, not all of them have! The dining room was the only one that was entirely 2-prong, but the living room, den, and 3 of 4 bedrooms had 2-prong outlets mixed with 3-prong ones, and it always seems that the 2-prong was where you really needed a 3-prong (for example, at my favorite chair at the front window).

So on Sunday, my friend Anna came over, made sure the circuits could handle the load, and converted them all to 3-prongs! Bonus — we made a start on actually labelling the circuits of the circuit box.

Since we had to go to the hardware store to get the outlets, we also picked up 27 cabinet closers for the kitchen. For a high-end, Kitchens by Krengel kitchen, the cabinets have been kind of fails; the doors are heavy, so they don't hang right, and they tend to pop open. The dogs especially expo this to get into the pantry and raid the bag of dog food, plus any cookies they can reach. So Patrick installed cabinet door magnetic closers, and now they close with a satisfying click!

It feels SO good to get those projects done and stop the nagging annoyances! We're planning on bringing Anna back to deal with a dripping faucet and some other similar projects; she's eminently capable, so let me know if you want her number, and you can feel the same sense of satisfaction!


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