Moon Over Miami

Most people are surprised that I really like Miami. I'm not sure why — maybe they associate it only with the party scene, or with the seemingly endless number of famous-in-their-own-mind Instagrammers taking nonstop beach shots as they walk in the sand in a bikini and stilettos, or with a "lack of culture."

But what I see when I think of Miami is a gorgeous beach, where I can lay in a beach chair and watch Beatrix play in the waves in her mermaid tail. Where we can get a few fancy drinks and tacos and sit in a cabana by our rooftop pool. Where we can walk in the warmth along Ocean Avenue and take in the Deco buildings. Where we can eat outside in pedestrian-mall streets with glowing lanterns and where I can eat all the seafood I want, or Cuban food in a courtyard, or even just have a nutella croissant and strong Italian coffee for breakfast while still being outside in the warmth. Where even the chain stores like Lush seem somehow more interesting, and where I can walk through Books and Books and notice that they have a whole room devoted to travel and food, like it was made for me. Where even on a windy night I can walk down to the beach and hear the waves.

Sure, there are the beautiful party people on the beach. But there are a lot of all kinds of shapes and sizes, from kids to geezers, people from all over the world, just enjoying the sun and the sand.

I had 2-and-a-half days to lie in the sun, get burned/tan, read Becoming, drink yummy cocktails, and just be with my family. What's not to love? I can hardly wait to go back.


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