Vacation Bookends

Today, when Beatrix was at "sharing time" at school, we were surprised that some of the things she talked about were not just the things we did on vacation, but things here at home too.

For instance, she talked about how she got her hair cut the day before we left. But hey, our hair person is pretty awesome!

And hey, I eased into spring break by attending Bob Mould at the Turf Club with my awesome friend Katharine, who regularly encourages me to stretch my boundaries. It had been years since I had been to the Turf Club! But there we were. lining up as the doors opened, so we could be sure to get a table and to see the opening act — an all-female trio called Last Import that met at She Rock and who were so much fun to watch.

And then Bob Mould came on and he was fantastic! I don't think I've actually seen him play since I was technically legal to go into a bar to do so (hint: that's a long time). But he (along with his drummer and bass) were great — really energetic, and having a great time, and inviting the audience in to that experience. I hadn't been to a concert in forever, and it was a blast.


Beatrix ended her show and tell with "and we are going to foster a Pomeranian" and that's the other bookend. We got up at 3:00 this morning to catch an early flight back to Minnesota. We had meetings all day, and then a prospective school event for Beatrix, and Girl Scouts and a quick dinner to fit in there (welcome back to the crazy schedule). Then, my friend's husband came over to take apart a twin bed that they are borrowing for several months while an Ethiopian student lives with them (seems the least we could do to help out.)

Then finally (and remember we're doing all this on less than 3 hours sleep) Lydia came over with the Pom we are fostering (because why not add something else to the mix?). Brutus is a 10-year-old, 11-pound Pomeranian who already fits in here wonderfully. The minute Lydia left he started playing with Winston, who is alternately jealous of him, and then his new BFF. Then Brutus and I snuggled a little while I read Nora McInerny's new book. He's alternately a goofball and a lovebug and someone reading this should adopt him!

Vacation bookends, the fantastic parts of everyday life that make vacations all the better!


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