The Rest of New York

My friend Laura writes amazing travel blog posts and I always aspire to be more like her in that. But now it's been almost 2 weeks since we have been home, and I had better get my thoughts about New York down right quick!

We got to see my friend Dawn's lovely apartment (and she made us breakfast). I'm so thrilled as to where she is in her life!

We say the amazing White Noise by Suzan-Lori Parks at the Public (my first show at the Public!). It was a little too old, likely for Beatrix, but honestly riveting for all of us. And we ran into our neighbor, Carol, and her fantastic daughter Tiffany, a photographer who lives in New York. We were so busy chatting to them after the show that we stuck around forever — just long enough to see David Diggs come out and tell him what a mind-blowing job he had done! He was charming and gracious and very quiet. (Want to know more? Studio 360 has a new piece on it that ran tonight!)

We stopped in to Steamy Hallows, a Harry Potter pop-up coffee shop, where the baristas were as charming as they could be and the coffee was magnificent. And the decor!

We caught up with my friend Lisa from college, who I had not seen in years and years, and found her even more delightful to spend an evening with than she was then (and she and I spent a lot of greta nights together in college!)

We got upgraded from balcony seats to 6th row seats for Be More Chill, and truly enjoyed the campy charm of it. Plus George Salazar's character Michael is a dead ringer for a younger version of our friend Julio.

We walked through Central Park — how did I not know there was a Balto statue?

We met my friend Henry and his service dog Flat Stanley for brunch at the Playwright's Cafe. He's an incredible man.

We had a lovely Italian dinner in a garden room in Greenwich Village, followed by a ghost tour that started where Alexander Hamilton died and ended at the Highline ("haunted by hipsters"?) Along the way we got to see a film shoot and Beatrix learned all about Sid and Nancy.

We had great conversations with our hosts Julie and Neil, and appreciated their fantastic hospitality (and that of their sons, who gave up their rooms for us!)

So yes, an extraordinarily fantastic trip!


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