The Cure Part 2 - Beatrix's Room, Living Room

Neither of these rooms were on my original Cure plans, but after seeing what people were doing, I got inspired.

I've always wanted some fun Etsy prints for Beatrix's room, but I get overwhelmed, and truth be told we know so many artists that I could not justify buying anything over the internet. But then someone told me about Feed Your Soul, which publishes free downloadable art every week. I got some cheap frames from Ikea, and hung these above Beatrix's crib, with the idea that I could swap them out on a regular basis. She loves them!

That also inspired Patrick to hang her lamp, which we had tried to hang before but needed a stronger ceiling hook.

In the living room, I was inspired by finding this great platform rocker up for grabs outside the Northern Warehouse. We spent a long time gluing the joints and cleaning it up. Truth be told, it's still not as comfortable as I would like, but it's better than the ratty chair that was there, and I love the color.

We also got some storage boxes from the Liberty line at Target to store Beatrix's toys in in our new console table. They are a great size, very sturdy, and add a nice bit of funkiness to the space (pardon the dark photos).


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