Home Improvements - The Cure, Part 1

So even though I pretty much failed the Apartment Therapy Cure, I still got several things done that I am proud of.

Our den was in pretty good shape, but a little messy. A few organizational items, like another baskets for Beatrix's books, helped a lot. I also switched out some picture frames, which likewise helped.



One of the projects in the Cure was to establish "landing strips" so that things did not just get dumped by the door. I was pretty dubious, because I know how we operate, and we tend to do things like read our mail at the dining room table.

However, straightening things up by the back door, including a basket for shoes, helped a lot:

In the front hall, we wanted to make it seem more like a room and less of a dumping ground (it's also a prime play area). I set up an old table and glued the joints of an antique, handmade chair I had gotten off of CraigsList (both had been relegated to the garage):

When we redid the window, we lost the (rather rudimentary) stained glass window on the stair landing. Over the weekend, our wonderful friend Krista offered us some glass panels from an installation she had done. It fits the space perfectly!


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