The Space That Started It All - The Pantry

So, the one part of our house that began this organizational streak was our pantry. It drove me nuts, not only because it was messy and overwhelming, but because we were constantly losing food, which is a huge waste of time, money, and emotional energy. Even before I started the Cure, it was top on my list of things that simply had to be put in order.

It's also the room that took the longest. I started this over two months ago — Patrick and I devoted a full night to it, and didn't get through it, and then finally finished the rest in a grueling effort last night. So this shot is especially gratifying because it shows a pantry in use, not just-finished and all clean and shiny. The paint could use some touch-up, and there are some holes in the wallboard (and I have to either fish or cut bait on the corkboard), but in general I am thrilled.

I also got the spice drawers cleaned out while I was at it, thanks to Lauren's prodding:


Lauren said…
wow - seriously awesome organizing! I just checked out your blog (thank you for posting it at the bottom of your email to Afton & I) and I love it already! I think you've inspired me to tackle my pantry cabinet this week! :)

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