Going Places, Doing Things

Though we have dragged Beatrix everywhere since she was a baby, one of the big delights of her current age is that she is actually participating in the things we do.

This weekend, for example, we went to the Circus Juventas performances on Saturday night. Though up past her bedtime and tired, Beatrix loved watching the kids perform (especially since the show starts with the toddlers and her friend Max was one of them.) She clapped a lot, and also loved climbing up on her chair and sliding off.

Sunday we went to Heart of the Beast's annual May Day parade and festival. Well, actually naptime precluded the parade, but we made it to the crowded hill to watch must of the pageant. Again, Beatrix was all about the experience, especially people-watching and dog-counting.

This week's activities will be more mundane, but she'll get to see lots of people she likes and she got Dairy Queen last night, so I think she'll be ok.


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