Best Valentines Plan Ever!

Normally, our plans for Big Romantic Holidays are pretty low-key. It's hard to get excited about, as Tony Bourdain calls it, "Amateur Night" at fancy restaurants and paying a babysitter, who would also like to be out celebrating Big Romantic Holiday, appropriately. (note I said "low-key," but not "disappointing" — our evenings are usually very nice.)

Well, this year we are shaking it up a little. Due to our awesome daycare person, who will be keeping Beatrix late, and the incredible people at Chowgirls, we'll be going to Locavore. Just peruse the menu! I can't tell you how excited I am for this! (I think there's still space left, you should think about going too!)

(then we'll have to do something exciting with Beatrix, who is very excited about "Valenztyne" Day.)

eta: I also don't know why the pdf of the menu is off center. But here's how to get tickets. Only a few left!


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