Winter Carnival

Tonight we took Beatrix to the Winter Carnival Torchlight Parade. Lately she's been really into parades, and Clara took her to see the snow sculptures, so we were hoping she would have a good time — and we all did!

We planned it so we would be at the beginning of the route in Lowertown. We found a great parking spot, remembered to graw a blanket from the back of my car to sit on, and had a perfect place just before the parade started. We stayed warm, and Beatrix got a ton of candy, beads, and other swag.

Her favorite part? The princesses (and maybe the horses). Mine? The big trucks at the end that shot flame and warmed everyone up.


This followed a lovely day of shopping at some smaller stores we love but never get to (Martin Patrick, Pacifier, Nadeau, the soon-to-be-departed-and-will-be-sadly-missed Wonderment, and Karma.) All in all, a great day!


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