On Shopping and Big Sales

We just got back from the Macy's President's Day sale, where I got: 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of cords, a winter jacket, and 2 sweater dresses for $65 total, plus three $10 off certificates for a future visit. That said, it was hard work to track all of that stuff down — the racks were crowded, disorganized, and somewhat frumpy, and it was hard to get through the various departments to find things. Though I was excited to be getting things I really needed on sale, the experience was kind of awful.

I've noticed today that there are a LOT of closing sales going on this weekend. The Midway Borders, the Menard's on 394, Ultimate Electronics, the Restoration Hardware on Grand Avenue...

In all of these cases, I've seen a similarity. I've tried to shop at all of them, and have not enjoyed the experience. When recently at Borders, my thought was "No wonder they are going out of business — there's really nothing I want to buy here." We had the same experience at Restoration Hardware yesterday; everything they had was still to expensive (even at 30% off), and really did not appeal to us (as in "Really? Burlap furniture?")

I'm sad these places are going out of business. But I think that they have undervalued the shopping experience, and basically done it to themselves...


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