Small Project Sunday

We deemed today Small Project Sunday, and we rocked it!

It started out slow, actually. We needed to find a rug for the new bedroom (which, I am aware, is not a Small Project), so headed out to Dock 86. We didn't find anything there, so headed to Home Goods, which I had almost forgotten about — I won't make that slip again! We found the perfect rug right away, and then coveted lots of other things while Beatrix admired every over-the-top sparkly Easter item in the store. So yes, we all enjoyed it!

But during Beatrix's nap, we hit our stride. We finished an Ikea hack to cover up the litter boxes, and with that, the corner that usually looked so disgusting already looked so much better that I decided to whip up a quick set of curtains for the window. It's so nice to have a sewing machine set up so that I can do that!

Meanwhile, Patrick put up a shelf by the kitchen window that we've been planning on installing for years. He got to use the new saw I gave him, and now we are ready to start herbs for the spring:

We also:
- painted the bathroom grate and the living room grate (more of those to come)
- cleaned and spackled the front closet so that we can paint it
- primed and prepped the guest bedroom closet for painting
- polished my shoes and switched purses
- put away various odds and ends around the house
- cleaned through some of Beatrix's clothes
- reset her sun/moon clock
- cleaned and set up the top of her dresser
- cleaned through all her toy bins (ok, that was after she went to sleep, I'm not stupid!)
- plus cleaned though several other cabinets, posting lots of free lists and Craig's List


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