(Corporate) Places That Get It

Lest you think all I do on this blog is rant, I want to tell you about 2 experiences that stick in my mind.

Two nights ago, we hit Punch Pizza (my love of which has been documented here greatly) for the half off tax day special. While we were standing in line, the pizza maker punched out a dough circle — he then took the outside of the dough and made it into a loopy bracelet, which he put around the arm of a delighted Beatrix. She's been playing with that dough for days — she says she prefers it to play-doh because it's "more real." Score one for Punch.

Then today, heading home from picking up my car after repairs (ouch!), traffic on 394 was bad, so we stopped at the West End Noodles and Company. Say what you want about Noodles and Co, it's a big favorite in our family — cheap, fast, and something that everyone likes to eat (mac and cheese for Beatrix, truffle mac for me, salad for Patrick). And the food is always reasonably good. Tonight, my truffle mac seemed like I got a small instead of a regular, and we brought it up to a staffperson as we were about to leave. He was immediately apologetic, saying "I'm really sorry, hopefully you just ordered a small but let me go get you a coupon for a free bowl next time and find out what happened." He came back in just a minute with the coupon and our receipt copy and a deep apology "You were right and you did order a regular. I know you're just leaving, but can I bring you a cookie or a rice crispy bar or something? I'm really sorry that happened."

See? Some places Get It.


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