Simple Things

It's amazing how simple things make life so much easier.

For the first time since I have owned the house, we added an effective door closer to the back screen door. No more door blowing open/cat getting out/other adventures.

In celebration, I cleaned the shelf off above the sink. No more collections of things I don't know what else do do with. I also got rid of a lot of cookbooks, despite my good intentions to cook from them.

As soon as I can find the right nail, I'm nailing in the piece of rogue trim I just stained.

Now, if I can get a handle on the garden, I'll be set!


Anonymous said…
I think my whole house is a collection of things I don't know what to do with.

What did you do with them? Can I put my collections there too? ;)

bethanyg said…
They're in the basement. Nobody checks there except the people working on the Sewer Project That Never Ends.

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