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Happy Earth Day!

A while back, several of our friends purchased Nest thermostats. They were really excited by them, and I was a bunch of cold water on it. It's costly, and I did not think we would ever get a return on our investment.

They then sent me to the Nest whitepaper, however, that looked at heat savings, with Minneapolis being one of the test markets — and it turns out that having the easy, teachable features that the thermostat does really does save money (according to the research). So we bit the bullet and went on the wait list for one; it arrived last week and Patrick installed it quickly and easily.

So far, it does seem to be saving a lot of energy, which should result in some heat savings. It's easy to remember to turn down when you leave, and "notices" when you return and turns back on. I'm optimistic, and it's got me thinking of other ways to try to conserve.


Patrick's take on it is here.


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