"My Charity"

I'm interested in people who talk about "my charity" — who have one particular organization that they identify with and focus all of their efforts on. Mostly, it has seemed like a Hollywood kind of thing to me — one more step in being famous, where you adopt a single cause and become known for that. To that end, it honestly seems a little fake. But at the same time, I have some friends who focus on one charity, and it seems to work for them and allow them to really concentrate their efforts.

I was brought up differently, to give — to the best of your ability — to several different groups. Based on this, our giving patterns skew toward the arts, but also preservation, social justice, mental health, animals, etc. We also give a lot of our time, by sitting on boards, working with neighborhood groups, and helping out with caring for several neighborhood parks. I often push (or perhaps "educate about"?) these groups on social media. My giving is like my lifestyle — diverse, scattered, and maybe not as effective as it could be, but always interesting.

I'm trying to work on how to pass down these values to Beatrix.

How do you give?


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