Just Read

Every year, in February, the Saint Paul Public Libraries do an awesome reading promotion called Winter Jackets. See that lovely mug? I got it free just by stopping in and writing up a book review for them to promote (double points — I reviewed Patrick's book Enough). And I think when Patrick goes to get his matching mug, he may review our friend Kelly's books.

We already have a red set, which is kind of wearing out (I think they are 2 years old). We got those by turning in a booklist of five books.

This year, there is also a promotion where you can read away your library fine. Sit in front of the fire, read, and erase something I feel guilty about? I am so there!

We've recently starting reading nightly with Beatrix. I know — you say "Recently?!" We would read before, but in fits and starts. Now, almost every night, we sit down and all read together. Whoever is not reading to Beatrix reads on their own, preferably from a book rather than a screen (I'll admit, this is hard for me since I usually have my kindle in hand). These nightly reading times have been wonderful, and Beatrix very much looks forward to them. I personally can hardly wait until we do more chapter books!


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