Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day was just about perfect, and not in the stereotypical lobster/diamonds/champagne way, or even the way I would have celebrated in the past, but in a way that reflects my life now.

Beatrix's school, rather than having valentines for each child, has the parents make valentines for their child and put them up on the wall. The night before, Patrick put tons of thought into making a Valentine's Day puzzle for Beatrix, because she loves puzzles. She was so happy to see it up on the wall of her school.

That morning, we had Beatrix bring up the Valentine's day gift of the sunny orange shirt we had gotten for my mother-in-law. We wanted to make sure the day was great for her, too!

I got Patrick a subscription to Bespoke Post, and pretty much hit it out of the park. He loves the curated "awesome boxes" of lovely, manly treats (and who does not like to get mail?)

Patrick's gifts to me and Beatrix were perfect — all about fixing broken things. For Beatrix, he got a headband to replace one she had lost, which we originally got at the Renaissance Festival (though the new one was nicer!). Then she got to open the several Valentine cards sent to us.

For me, he replaced the antifreeze ice cream scoop my MIL had recently put in the dishwasher, plus sharpies, a mug to replace one he had broken, a new recycling bin (the old one shattered in the cold), and a notebook I had been coveting. Plus roses and homemade chocolate chip cookies — my absolute favorite!

We went to dinner on a Pei Wei coupon, and I got to duck into the craft store and pick up supplies to fix a zipper. Then, Patrick and I got to catch up on Downton Abbey.

Ok, it does not sound exotic. But I have to say, it was such a great day of true thoughtfulness and love — exactly what Valentine's Day should be.


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