My friend Laura is wonderful at Facebook-journaling her vacations. She writes lively, exciting entries that make you feel like you are there traveling with her. On our vacation last week, I had every intent of writing Laura-style entries and wonderfully chronicling our entire Disney World experience.

Instead, as you may have noticed, I did not write a thing.

The truth is, I think we all needed a vacation more than we knew. After a busy 2012, a December that was particularly fraught, and a January that kicked my a** professionally, this particular break was so very needed. I didn’t do any of the work I brought with me, and barely made it through one book.

What I DID do was to completely enjoy Disney World with my husband and especially my daughter. Beatrix turned 5 on the trip, and she is of the age where all of this is magically perfect. Every princess she met was her friend, she asked if every character was “the REAL Mickey/Simba/Beast/etc.”, and she lived every experience completely. We went on rides, explored the Epcot world, enjoyed the dolphins and other exhibits, went to CdS’s La Nouba, met friends, swam in the hotel pool, drove through Celebration, shopped, and basked in the warm sun.

Disney is an amazingly sophisticated entity that packages up your dreams and delivers them back to you, enhanced, brightened, and at a slight surcharge. I’ve travelled all over the world — climbed rice paddies in the Philippines, taken the Trans-Siberian Express, slept in a former prison in Prague, walked through the hill towns of Spain. As wonderful as all of those experiences were, and as much as I would not change a minute of them, at this particular time I badly needed the Disney dream. It was the perfect vacation.

(If you want some more insight on the trip, check out Patrick's blog here. His descriptions are more detailed and thoughtful than my broad strokes. There are also some princess pictures here.)


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