The B-Word vs. the C-Word

One of the great things about having a circus as a client is that there's always something unexpected going on. This morning, the person who works near me was trying to choose some sea shanties for an upcoming show, but running into problems because they generally are not toddler-friendly in terms of language or content. (shock).

I suggested a group called the Ditty Bops, who do slightly more innocuous versions — though I warned her that I find them impossibly twee — though qualified that with "Yes, but I am generally just a bitch."

"Yes," replied Rainy, but you see, bitches get things done."

Which I realized might as well be my tag-line.


Compare that with the incredibly offensive (and in no way satiric) Onion tweet following the moderately offensive Oscar awards this week.

You see, folks, calling a woman a name is a slippery slope. In general, you don't want to do it.

If you do, you just might want to be sure if she is comfortable with owning it. You can call me a bitch all you want.

But this is your clue that calling a woman a c*nt is just never ok. And calling a 9-year old girl one is really never never never ok.

And really, no one should have to tell you that.


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