Continuing Education

It's self-dubbed "learning month" at Gladhill Rhone LLC.

It started out last weekend with the IFP Filmmaker's Conference.

Then, today was BushCon. Patrick spoke as part of the Ignite presentation, and I may or may not have borrowed his badge to attend some of the presentations myself.

At the end of the month, we are both attending the Top Coast Festival; I don't have any illusions that it's going to be the Aspen Ideas Festival, but I'm looking forward to getting a couple of days of thinking things through with my honey.

In between, I'm trying to fit in Spanish lessons on Duolingo, take some online accounting courses, and maybe even watch a few Ted Talks. Plus seeing Behind the Eye this Thursday, and hopefully attending How Dare You! afterwards.

There's always room for more. Tonight Beatrix and I learned about jellyfish for her report. I'm trying to be onscreen less and read more. Today my friend Lindsi posited that a tasting flight at a taproom could be an educational experience, and I am inclined to agree.

What else should I be learning about?


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