Rainbow Cake Book Club

My book club has been meeting for over 20 years. Beatrix's has been meeting for only a few months, but they are gaining an edge!

Their meetings are half talking about the book, then a treat, then playtime — also not so different than my book club (though mine doesn't always discuss as much as we should). This month, the girls read one of the Rainbow Fairy books, so Beatrix and I decided the activity should be rainbow-based.

We made a rainbow cake for the treat. It was pretty easy — mix up a regular white cake, then divide the batter into 6 bowls (we skipped Indigo) and color with food coloring. Getting the colors right was tricky, but Beatrix really worked at it:

Then bake in a bundt pan:

And voila!

For the activity, we discussed rainbows and how they are made. Then we did a science experiment where we put a black line on a coffee filer and observed how the water rose through it:

Finally, we discussed what happened in the book.

It was a lot of fun, even though it was jammed into an already busy weekend!


Ann McGinn said…
Awesome! Especially the cake.

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