So my very first New Year's Resolution was:
To do at least one project in each home that restores the home's sense of spirit.

Finally, yesterday, we were able to get a start on that by having the well-worn floors at Ashland done.

Refinishing the floors had been one of the first things we had done, so almost 20 years ago. And we are hard on floors, but moving everything out to have them done is hard as well. So I got a Groupon for a low-impact refinishing, and we were pretty happy with it.

First, the guy gave them a light sand (with a vacuum pack, so no dust everywhere). Then, he put on a light finish that smells like linseed oil (not in a bad way). We could walk on them with socks in 4 hours, and we can put furniture back today, though we may wait a little longer for most of it.

I have to say it looks pretty good. Not as great as having them refinished, but they are thin wood anyway, and you can't have them fully re-done too often. But definitely better.

Yay for New Year's resolutions!


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