May Day Sunday

If you've asked me what I've been doing lately, I've likely said "working a lot." So it was fantastic to just take a day off today and enjoy new things with my family!

We started the day by hitting Glam Doll Donuts. I've resisted going there because it seems *so* hipster; I was afraid it would annoy me even if I enjoyed the donuts. But I am happy to report that my fears were for naught — the donuts were delicious, but most of all the staff so nice and the atmosphere so welcoming that my hips fear that I will be become a regular….

From there, we went over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. In an earlier post, I had had "Attend Art in Bloom" on my Minnesota Bucket List, so we really wanted to see it. So did about 10,000 other people (well, a good thing that people love museums, right?) And the way the flower arrangements reflected the pieces selected really was incredible. I wasn't as crazy about the big show pieces by various garden centers, but Beatrix loved a fairy one (of course).

From there, we headed over to the HOBT Mayday Parade. Hardly a new experience, but we had not been in several years due to crazy circus schedules in early May and the like. It never seems like spring has really started without Mayday. Also, is there anyone in that part of town who can't walk on stilts?

We skipped the pageant, though, to head back to the MIA — today was the last day of a special with FREE Matisse exhibit tickets if you checked in on Foursquare. We had really wanted to see the show, but could not muster the $50 tickets for 3 of us. The show was crowded as well, but one of the better exhibits I had seen there recently. Beatrix and I especially enjoyed the "Odalesques" room, but also had a lot of discussions about what constitutes a still life, why artists sketch before painting or cast rough pieces before a fins statue, and how Matisse changes from painting to paper cutting as he grew older. At dinner tonight Beatrix decided she wanted to be an artist's model when she grows up.

Also noted, we need to spend more time at the MIA! Though being in that area feels like an old imprint of time — as many changes as there have been, just walking down the path through the MCAD campus, or entering the double doors the Institute shares with CTC, always evokes an incredible sense of being home — making today even more of a mix of old and new.


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