Earlier this year I got to make delicious maple syrup from our tree. Now, thanks to our neighbor dropping some bounty by, I get to make rhubarb syrup for my favorite drink, rhubarbaritas!

Basically, you just boil up some simple syrup with chopped up rhubarb until the rhubarb disintegrates. Pour through some cheesecloth and refrigerate.

Then, mix 1:1 with some tequila and some lime juice, salt the rim of your glass, and you're ready to go! (I've been known to add some tonic to cut it a little and to reduce the alcoholic content of my evening a smidge.)

My friends Sean and Nicole might be giving me some rhubarb plants, so you never know — next year, it may be all rhubarb all the time!


Susan Haas said…
I was looking for a tequila drink - you are onto something!

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