An Exchange with @MrJasonRBrown

It's been a tough week for Twitter. I feel fortunate that citizen journalists are broadcasting what's going on, especially in #Ferguson, but it makes for a tough stream. So today, I was happy ti see Twitter as a Force of Good….

A typical morning in the Gladhill/Rhone household. Patrick was working on a grant proposal, I was working on a budget. He asked if he could put on music, to which I said ok, and in a moment the first few strains of "The Last Five Years" began to play (which, I have to admit, made the spreadsheet easier).

A few minutes in, I wondered "I wonder what ever happened to Jamie and Cathy." Then, as I often do, I tweeted it:
Wanting to ask Jason Robert Brown where the Last 5 Years characters are 13 years later.
After a few more minutes, I realized there was a better way. So I looked up Jason Robert Brown's handle, and tweeted:
Hey, @MrJasonRBrown - what has happened to Jamie and Cathy 13 years later? 
To which he shot back:
@bethanyg Hm.  Let’s crowdsource.
Crowdsourcing the #L5Y sequel – 140 characters or less – what’s happened to Jamie and Cathy 13 years later? 
And then this happened:


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