Boathouse Project

You may not know that the family cabin we borrow is really a "complex." As well as the cottage, there is a boathouse, guest house, tool shed, wood shed, and outhouse — the thing being, they are all in one outbuilding! The main area is the boathouse/guesthouse (where, like in the main cabin, the two double beds are murphy beds). It had been quite some time since it had been cleaned out, and that was our charge for the weekend.

We are notorious for forgetting to take "before" pictures, but here is a during after we had removed: fire pit, canoe, paddles, mower, boar gear, boat ladder, float anchor and other gear, a chair, over 20 inflatables, 4 badminton sets, beach toys, topsoil, weed whip, gas can, fishing gear (including bamboo poles), pipes, boat tarp, birdbath stand, "luggable loo", tarps, pieces of wood, pipes, lifejackets, 2 stepladders, folding chairs, and other items:

So step one, clean out all the dirt and debris. That's washing down the ceiling and walls, replacing light bulbs, cleaning the floor twice — you get the picture.

Then we employed Patrick's great organizational system to hang up various things so you could get to them easily. We had really wanted to hang the canoe, but it's actually longer than the boathouse so it has to go in diagonally, and is remarkably heavy, so that was out. Other things went up easier:

Patrick came up with a great system for hanging the life jackets, which for some reason I don't have a picture of. But it works much better, organized by size and usability.

In the end, we managed to get everything neatly back in, with a place for things (as long as they go back somewhat near there when put away). What's more, the fold-down beds are much more usable — so you can come up and visit with us!

(we also got a few other tasks done — cupboard door replaced, cabinet painted, irises trimmed, chair glued, but this was the major project.)

Patrick's organizational mind FTW!


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