Tom-Tom Club

Ok, I admit it. I love my Toms (my ironic teenage self hates me for this). They are SO comfortable, in a way that knock-offs can't match. Plus I have ugly toes, so I am always looking for cute summer shoes that don't show them. But I digress….

The first pair I got developed an ugly hole within weeks.

I wore them a little anyway, while fervently hoping that the pairs they donate to kids in Africa are made of sturdier stuff. I found some picture on Pinterest (natch!) of covered Toms, and thought they looked cute, but had not taken the time to try it.

Tonight, I decided to take on the project, only to realize I did not have fabric glue. And the folding and origami-ing and such the shoes was looking a little tricky. Until I glanced over at my ribbon stash (much depleted now that I have a ribbon-stealing child), and thought maybe some ribbon and hot glue might work. And I think it did!

It's not perfect, and the jury is still out on durability. But hey, I figured it was worth a try; I can always lovingly cocoon them in layers of cloth later if this doesn't work. But for now, I feel pretty crafty!


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